How I became a Corporate DJ. Part 2

Before stepping into the entertainment industry I really thought I was a big fish, and to an extent I was. People in my city new who I was. I couldn’t go out anywhere without being recognized or talked to. When I decided to jump into the corporate scene I was started to find out how small of a pond I was coming from and truly how small of a fish I was.

It’s only fair to recognize some important people here. Cory (DJ CoryLive) and Tera Almeida are fundamental to my success as a DJ and a Host. There are so many other DJ’s out there, as well as MC’s, that have been doing it longer, are technically more proficient and better trained then I am, but are still stuck doing gigs for pennies a night. They say that in entertainment, “It’s all about who you know” and lucky for me, I knew Cory and Tera. Well, I didn’t really know them as much as I happened to run into the at a wedding of a friend of mine.
I’ll never forget standing there in front of Cory, impeccably dressed, and Tera, looking magnificent with her fiery red hair. Tera had heard about my DJ’ing and commented on my hip fashion, black pants and grey plaid shirt with black skinny tie before asking, “Can you mix music? Can you scratch?” I answered the questions humbly and as best as I could, never expecting that anything would come of it.

Next thing I new, just a few months later, I was on a plane headed from Los Angeles to San Antonia with Tera and the Red Hot Band for my first gig that wasn’t a wedding…